What people are saying about OverdubStrings.com

"Deni Bonet is the musical equivalent of a skyrocket on a clear summer night, against the shimmering backdrop of the heavens. Her stylings on violin are strictly her own, yet complement those around her. Whether making my own music, or producing others (like the recent posthumous Tiny Tim album) Deni is who I'm gonna call!" - Richard Barone

"I reached out to Deni Bonet when I decided to add strings to my debut EP.  The lovely violin tracks she recorded for me added the texture, dimension, and sentiment that I needed to elevate my songs to the next level.  And they sound amazing!!  With her natural energy, talent, and passion, Deni was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire process." - Rebecca Lowe

"I consider you a God-send . . . literally the only person I've ever had this sort of arrangement with that I trust fully. So, thank you for your time and concern with my songs, truly!"  - Reece Sullivan

“I was completely blown away by the violin and viola tracks Deni Bonet recorded for a song on my upcoming album.  She knew exactly what the song needed and then captured that emotion.  She was really easy to communicate with and the turnaround time was quick.  I will always be a fan of hers, she is the best.” –  Lanny Thomas Carey (RRL)

"I asked Deni to play violin and accordion on my tracks and I have to say they are the best tracks I have ever heard.  She adapted to my music so well and it was exactly what my song needed. Deni gave me plenty of tracks to choose from - 4 violin tracks and 3 accordion tracks - all were different and each can stand on their own. I've worked with many online studios before but never gotten anything close to the ease of use and quick turnaround that Deni at Overdubstrings.com gave me.  Not to mention the positive attitude and far superior musicianship that comes with having someone famous play on my tracks. Highly recommended.  Thanks, Deni" - Chris Foshey

"Deni is so good. She was enthusiastic, extremely friendly, and performed extraordinarily. It is an absolute pleasure to work with her." - Joe Adragna

"Deni, your tracks took the song in a whole new direction.  Excellent communication throughout the project, quick turnaround and more importantly, high quality tracks written and recorded by someone who clearly knows what they are doing.  I can’t thank you enough!!" - Ildefonso Colon 

"First of all, I was impressed with Deni’s musical credentials…Cyndi Lauper, Sarah McLachlan, playing at the White House, …WOW!. And then there is her work ethics and commitment, which will bring out the best in any musician. When I heard Deni’s playing on my first song “Rise,” I was floored. It brought out the genuine emotional intentions of the song. Working with Deni has been one of the greatest experiences that I have had as a songwriter, and her professionalism and kindness has boosted my confidence as a singer. I am so grateful for her contribution to my music." – RS Williams.

"We had no idea what we were looking for, just knew that the song needed something. You found just what it needed. We really appreciate that you gave us a choice of tracks that could stand alone or be used together, it's great to have so many options. Thank you for sharing your talent and your creativity." - Friction Farm

"Its was such a pleasure to work with Deni on my music. She is very professional and detailed along with being nice and easy to communicate with. The way she played I felt like she cared and made it personable. She took my song from being okay to much more. Her work is beautiful in every sense of the word. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a little help. I can't thank her enough."  - Kevin Levert

"Deni Bonet's musical chops, creativity and and enthusiasm combined in spot on string arrangements and beautifully played tracks for my songs." - Judy Kass

"Deni is a fantastic writer, who has the ability to bring a song to life. I was very happy with her tracks, and would recommend her to anyone. On top of having a an outstandingly beautiful style in her playing,  she is also very pleasant to work with. I look forward to working with her more." - Katy Woodbine

"Deni Bonet is a dream to work with. She is super-talented, prompt and professional. I was extremely pleased with the quality of Deni's work and hope to work with her again in the future." - Esther Deutsch

"Working with Deni was my privilege, she is such a great musician and violin player, being one of the best I've heard. I was finalizing my song and needed a professional touch of the violin to compliment the ballad. I decided to send her my music file and honestly did not have in mind what I really wanted to be done with it other than adding a violin. Her response after a few days with the multiple samples she sent me blew my mind. My song's character changed for the better due to her amazing skills. I'm grateful she is part of my song and will continue working with her on my future projects. Highly recommended to all my friends in the music world. Thank you, you are simply amazing." - Dario 

"Fiddler Deni Bonet adds expressive leads and coloring to almost every song." - NJ.com

"Violinist Deni Bonet is a one-woman orchestra, showing off sizzling Balkan, country and classical chops." - Lucid Culture

"Just listened to the tracks and love them!! They have such a fun vibe, perfect for this song! Thank you so much!!" - Jade Summers

"When I heard the song with the violin arrangement of yours I felt all kind of emotions. It changed it completely. Just a river of emotions with the feelings of your violin." - Jayden Benedek

"The violin tracks sound incredible!!!  It was a pleasure working with you, and am looking forward to working with you again."- John Robert Sanborn

"The string recordings Deni made for my project were crisp, articulate, and rendered with the romantic touch I asked for. These three qualities made my job much easier during editing and mixing, which in turn allowed me to write a love song for my wife meeting and exceeding the standard of such an endeavor." - Brian West

"Deni does more than just bring a part to life. She finds things in composition you didn't even realize were there." - Jeremy Mathews

"The CD is officially done and released!  I would like to thank you again for the beautiful work you did on it!!"- Jade Summers